Astral Blue

“Astral Blue” is a collection of paintings by Mrida Joshi depicting core cosmic forms that are the basis of all other complex creations of nature.

Inspired by the ‘Yantras’ in Vedic Sciences, the artist attempts to imitate the pattern of ‘energy forms’ that surround and shape all existence but are not visible to our limited sight. These are implicit parallels to modern day physics and quantum that strive to define our physical and energic truths.

Mrida’s works in ink on paper are composed of basic geometric shapes such as the dot (bindu), the circle (chakra), the triangle (trikona), the square (bhupura), the diagonal lines, the six-pointed star (shatkona), the lotus (padma). Each of these shapes separately bear multiple symbologies – to the five basic elements (air, water, wind, fire, earth); various vedic gods; qualities of nature; numerical progressions; colours; sounds etc.

For example the ‘dot’ is a symbol for multiple aspects – the element air/ether/metal; the source of all creation lord Shiva; infinity; the colour white; the eternal sound of Om; the qualities of all pervasiveness, omniscience, omnipresence and divine love.

A ‘Yantra’ may be simple or complex (a combination of the basic forms) and represents a parallel set of basic truths which when invoked produces a corresponding effect. They are keys to tune into the cosmic forces of nature that create us. The paintings exhibited are not precise “Yantras” but images inspired from them.

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  • ZERO

    Jal : Water – the Elixir of Life – the first guardian of the Spirit that lies in the centre of all things that are and not.

  • ONE

    Panchbhuta : The beauty of the eternal five – the Four Elements stand in union as the eight guardians of the Ethereal One

  • TWO

    Kundilini: The Awakening in the second plane of existence where the forces of nature create all things to be.


    Devi : Harbinger of beauty and peace – the subtle energy that calms and brings all things to balance and order.

  • FOUR

    Nakshatra : The synergy of elements – the roof under which a form comes into existence – and that shapes its destiny – and defines its momentous truth.

  • FIVE

    Brahm : The temple that pervades all planes – the Saraswat – and Brahman – the traveler that wanders that world in the knowledge of its being – creating all in its image.

  • SIX

    Brahmi : The knower of all things real and surreal – the Saraswati – the subtle energy of truth that moves all being to newer dimensions.


    Yantra for Knowledge of the Vedas


    Yantra for Acquisition of Learning and Skill


    Yantra for Relief from Discontentment, Disease, Doubts, Demons and Danger


    Yantra for Poesy and Enlightenment


    Yantra for Success in Business


    Yantra for release from obsession, illusion or psychological stress and reawakening


    Yantra for Immunity of Family from Penury, Fear, Illness and Other Torments


    Yantra for Success in Every Sphere