Mrida Joshi


Mrida is an artist -  painter, poet, writer, musician, dancer. She is inspired by the Vedic Sciences and attempts to draw and discover parallels to what she does, that are embedded in deep forgotten history.

Mrida Joshi graduated in English Honours from Lady Sri Ram College, New Delhi and went on to complete her degree in Law. Mrida has worked in the field of corporate and human rights law, rural empowerment and public policy.

As a painter Mrida experiments with different media, forms and styles. She loves to workon canvas, chinese, handmade and silk paper, wood and walls because these materials bear textures that add to the character of a painting. She also enjoys photography and graphic art.

Mrida is a philanthropist and lives in New Delhi. She likes travel, adventure sports, movies, books, history, science, redecorating, fine dining and street food.

Bharat Joshi


Bharat is intrigued by communication. And has been exploring the many forms and media of communication: radio, print journalism, public speaking, and now, photography.

He writes regularly for The Wall Street Journal, national/international journals and blogs on matters of commerce and public interest.

He also works as a part time Broadcaster (read Radio Jockey) with AIR (All India Radio)and hosts some popular rock and retro music shows.

Bharat is considered a key thinker on various subjects and has addressed public fora in India, China and Slovenia.

Bharat is Director, Associated Container Terminals Limited. He is on Board of the India Supply Chain Council and is also acknowledged in UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) World Investment Report 2006.

Bharat has studied and worked in England, Malaysia, Denmark and India.

In his younger days, Bharat represented his school, state and university in Water Polo, Show Jumping,  Athletics, Karate and Cricket. He still enjoys Horse riding and Swimming but is now a serious Golfer.

Bharat lives in New Delhi, India. He is also an active member of Rotary International.